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Roxanna was raised by her mother and grandmother in Dodge City, KS. During her mother’s battle with cancer, Roxanna struggled to help care for her and her grandmother, while still attending to her senior year in high school. The personal character and strength that her mother helped foster saw her through her mother’s passing in October 2008 after a 7 year battle. She continues to strive for what her goals because she knows that is what her mother would want her to do.


With the KLL Scholarship Roxanna is attending K-State and absolutely loves everything about it. She expects to graduate with a degree in Elementary education and an endorsement in ESL. She is ecstatic to begin teaching already! Roxanna has always dreamed of becoming a teacher to make a difference and help children, she can’t wait.




 I am still currently attending Kansas State University majoring in Elementary Education with an endorsement in ESL. So far everything is going just great! I love all of my classes and I am learning so much. I am very excited because this semester I will actually be in the classrooms teaching first grade students.

I plan on graduating in May 2013. I have just one more year left. I would like to move back home to Dodge City, KS, but I am still undecided. I love Manhattan, but I also like that Dodge City is a smaller town with more ESL students that need that extra help. I want to teach for a few years before going back to school to get my masters degree.

I want to really thank all of the donors. It is a blessing to get help to accomplish my dream of becoming a teacher. You are definitely a big part of my life. Thank you so much for helping me. I wish you all well.

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