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Kelly Lynn Lutz

Wife. Mom. Friend. Hero.

Kelly’s life and experience taught those close to her the importance of every minute… to keep living, loving and to make the most of every day. Her story is one of hope that continues to inspire others even after her passing.


Kelly was a teacher by training; a hardworking stay-at-home mother for her two daughters; a strong support for her husband; a dedicated sister and loving daughter. She was one who tapped into her creative side to make things special for those around her.



From her earliest moments Kelly sought to make the most of every situation. In birthdays and holidays to everyday thoughtfulness, she continuously delivered loving extras that had a lasting impact on so many.


Kelly was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 at the young age of 30. She valiantly fought the disease and at times, appeared to have beaten it. Through it all she always had a smile, always had a good time and always made the most of everything. Her spirit and will to survive were an inspiration to all around her.


Her fight with cancer ended May 9, 2008. What she left for her family and friends is a legacy of hope and love, and a desire to continue to help people live and learn after her passing.

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