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Becca is a graduate of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School. She was home schooled up until her sophomore year of high school, then attended Chaparral High School in Harper. In 2002, when she was nine, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Becca watched her mom fight valiantly, always putting others ahead of herself. Unfortunately, in the midst of the fight, in 2010, Becca’s family lost her father to a heart attack.


When she lost her mom in 2011 at the end of her junior year at Chaparral, she faced the decision of staying in Harper or moving to live with her family. She hated to leave her friends and support but knew that going to Bishop Carroll would help prepare her for college and her future life. She is attending Barton County Community College and plans to transfer to a four year university upon graduation.


Nick is a 2012 graduate of Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia, Missouri.  In February of 2001, Nick lost his father, Andrew, to esophageal cancer.  He was seven years old at the time, but had a very close relationship with his father.  Right before he passed, Nick’s dad wrote down a few guidelines for Nick and his brothers to follow.  Some of those rules included being honest, fair, and respectful to his mother. Although these rules seemed simple, they have made a major difference in Nick’s life.  Nick has learned to persevere and take action towards his goals.  After seeing his father pass at a young age, he also has realized how important it is to cherish the little things in life.


Nick is attending the University of Missouri where he plans on studying accountancy.  Later on in life, Nick hopes to become a CPA and possibly own his own accounting firm.

Molly is a 2012 graduate of Shawnee Mission West High School in Overland Park, KS.  Despite losing her Dad to Brain Cancer as she began her sophomore year in 2009, Molly excelled in academics, athletics, choir, newspaper editing and a host of leadership opportunities at school & church. Her Dad’s role as ultimate teacher ignited her passion for learning, and his legacy of strength & optimism continually encourage her to achieve her dreams today.


Molly is grateful for the KLL Scholarship award, which will help fund her study of Biology and Journalism at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS.



Brittany is a 2012 graduate of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, Kansas.  After losing her father to a heart attack when she was in fifth grade, she lost her mother to Sarcoma in 2009.  Brittany is attending Kansas State University.

Luke is a 2012 graduate of Piper High School.  His father lost his battle with colon cancer when Luke was seven.  Luke provides good advice to “live every day like it may be the last time you see the ones you love the most.”  He is studying at the University of Kansas and wants to pursue a career in law enforcement to follow in his father’s footsteps.​


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