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Corey is from Baldwin City, Kansas and attended Baldwin High School. Corey lost her father to colon cancer in 2010. In 2013 she started a club at her high school called Stand Up to Cancer where money is raised for cancer research by putting on various fundraisers. They put on events called the Dig Pink Volleyball Game, Stand Up to Cancer Moments at sporting events and Relay for Life. The club has raised over $8,000 for cancer research. From this, Corey learned the value of community and the support that can come from it as well as the importance of hope. Corey would one day like to see the world cancer-free. She will be attending Kansas State University and is planning to become a Physician’s Assistant in Oncology to be able to directly improve the lives of cancer patients. “My passion in fighting cancer is something that will always remain in me. I hope to someday see an end to cancer diagnoses.”


Logan is from Joplin, Missouri and recently graduated from Joplin High School. Logan lost his mother to breast cancer just a year ago. Through his mother’s battle with cancer, she fully supported his cross country career and continues to watch over as he continues to run at a collegiate level. Logan helped take care of his mother during her illness after his parents separated and she supported him at his racing events. After his mother’s death Logan moved in with his best friend and continued his passion for running. He plans on attending Northwest Missouri State University to study Marketing while running on the college’s cross country team. Logan says through this all he has taken an important message from this experience “life is not fair and there are times that when it is going to knock you down, but through faith and perseverance you can move past these obstacles and always move towards a better day. There is always a finish line at the end of the day, you just have to do your best to race to it.”

Braden is from Coffeyville, Kansas and graduated from Labette County High School. Braden’s father was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma when Braden was three year’s old. He battled the disease for 7 years with the support from his wife and two sons. Braden remained close to his faith and family and has had a long time passion for baseball. Since his father’s passing, Braden has missed him being physically there at his games but says that is when he now feels his dad’s presence the most. He plans on attending Cowley College, playing college baseball and majoring in Physical Therapy. Braden remains extremely positive on his outlook of his father’s diagnosis and said “if just one person accepts Christ because of my faith through his sickness, then it was all worth it.”


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