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Camryn is from Dodge City and attended Dodge City High school. Her father passed away in October of 2015 from Esophageal Cancer. She was the president of STUCO, NHS Treasurer, and a Governor’s scholar among other high school accomplishments. In Spring 2016, Camryn organized a 5K to raise money for the Esophageal Cancer Action Network to honor her father’s legacy. She was excited to have the strength of her community behind her to help make a difference for others. Camryn is a strong believer in hard work and is excited to bring that worth ethic to Kansas State University where she will study Athletic Training and Sports Psychology. “You are so much stronger than you know, your support system is so much bigger than you realize, it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to not be okay for a while, and you are loved,” she said.



Kailee attended Liberty North High School and is from Kearney, Missouri. In 2013 Kailee lost her father to Leukemia. In high school, she was involved in community service such as Special Olympics, Harvesters Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House and coaching youth basketball teams. Kailee credits her love for kids to her father and his ability to light up a room and his love for life. Her and her father were very close as he coached her in softball and basketball and encouraged her to continue playing sports despite his sickness worsening. Her father had a huge impact on who she has become and she is proud to continue his legacy. She is currently attending Southwest Baptist University and is majoring in Education to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. Her mission is to help kids enjoy school and follow her dreams. “Never dwell on the negativity and continue to fight with a purpose,” she wrote.


Kale is from Overland Park, Kansas and attended Saint James Academy. Kale’s father passed away when he was just 6 years old from Melanoma. He was involved in sports, National Honor’s Society and volunteered at a retirement home in high school. Kale has always been close to his family and community because of the way they supported his family after his father’s passing. Through the generosity of his community, he learned compassion and that he never had to face tragedy alone. Kale is attending Kansas State University and is planning on studying Chemical Engineering. “We can spend our lives in harmony and love to make the most out of every relationship we have,” he said. 

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