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Katie is from Overland Park, Kansas and is a graduate of Shawnee Mission North High School. Katie lost her mother to breast cancer after over 2 years of fighting her battle. As one of five kids, Katie stepped up to help with her other siblings and quickly knew she would want to stay close to home while pursuing her college degree. In high school, she was an avid runner despite facing her own struggles and received a scholarship to continue to run at the University of Missouri Kansas City.  Even when Katie’s mom was unable to watch her run, she raced in her honor and kept her in the loop by sharing photos and stories. When Katie’s mom passed away, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and became the glue that held her family together. She is now pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene and is living close to home in Kansas City.

Caden is from Viola, Kansas and is a graduate of Conway Springs High School. Caden lost his father in June 2018 to colon cancer. His father spent 20+ years of his career in emergency services helping others in their time of need before working in human resources at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City. Caden attributes his interest in making others smile and laugh to his father and believes he inspired him to step out of his comfort zone and grow into the charismatic and outgoing young man that he is today. In addition, Caden’s father helped him discover his interest in content creation and exploring his creativity. He is pursuing a degree at Butler County Community College in Mass Communications and Digital Media and hopes to continue in his father’s footsteps helping to brighten up the room and make others laugh and smile as part of his career. 


Gracie is from Kansas City, Missouri and is a graduate of Notre Dame de Sion. Gracie lost her mother to breast cancer in 2017. Before her passing, she left Gracie with some advice she still strives to live by today - live life to the fullest, work hard for everything and don’t be sad and depressed. She also instilled in Gracie that she’d always be with her in spirit and in her heart. Gracie has touched the lives of others around her and is very driven to help others. She is determined to continue to use her experience of losing a parent to help others. Gracie is pursuing a degree in Nursing at Texas Christian University. 



Zoe is from Shawnee, Kansas and is a graduate of Saint James Academy. Zoe lost her mother to breast cancer when she was nine years old. Even at a young age, she learned one of the most valuable lessons from her mother - that there’s always opportunity to see the positive in situations. Zoe has served as an inspiration to others around her and was named the most inspirational player on the cross country team for 3 consecutive years. Zoe was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and continues to overcome her struggles and lead others with her example of leadership, perseverance and faith. She aspires to show others that they can overcome challenges and has decided to pursue a degree in physical therapy at the University of Central Missouri. 


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