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Mercedes attended high school at Olathe West High School and lives in Olathe, Kansas. She was a member of choir, student council and can communicate in several languages including American Sign Language, English and Spanish. Mercedes lost her dad, Norman, to osteosarcoma in 2014. Mercedes' parents are deaf. 

Mercedes plans to attend Tufts University to study Community Health with a minor in Childhood Development. Mercedes would like to make a difference by improving healthcare access and understanding of the Deaf Community.

Cale is from Wichita, Kansas and attended high school at Kapaun Mount Carmel Catholic High School. Cale was involved in high school with volunteer work, played football throughout high school and was a student ambassador. Cale lost his father, Craig, to renal cell carcinoma in 2019. He remembers his dad instilling values of perseverance and to be a man of faith despite hardship. Cale currently attends the United States Air Force Academy


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