Hannah is from Greenwood, Missouri and is a graduate of Lee's Summit Senior High School. Hannah lost her father shortly after graduating high school in 2018 to liver and colon cancer. Cancer has greatly impacted her life not only during her father's 7 year battle and 2 liver transplants but her mother is also a breast cancer survivor. Hannah's experiences have inspired her to pursue a career in nursing as she aspires to help and comfort people in similar situations that her family has experienced. After playing soccer and making the Dean's List at Blue River Community College, she is now continuing her soccer career at Park University where she is continuing her education toward becoming a nurse. 

Holdon is from Parsons, Kansas and is a graduate of Erie High School. In the beginning of his 2016 school year, Holdon's mother was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer. He 

stepped up as his mother's primary caregiver since his 3 siblings were away at college or military boot camp when their mom was diagnosed. After her passing in 2018, Holdon moved in with his grandmother to finish off his high school education and continue supporting their family flea market that his mother had so passionately began a few short years prior. He believes his mom inspired determination in him that will support him as he works toward his college degree. Holdon has always been interested in technology and building his own computer as a teenager sparked his decision to continue learning about technology. Holdon is pursuing a degree at Wichita State University in Computer Engineering and hopes to help bring internet and connection to rural areas since he experienced limited access in his childhood and believes he can make a difference helping to bring others together through online connections. 


Katie is from Harrisonville, Missouri and is a graduate of Archie High School. When Katie was 1, her mom was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer known as adenoid cystic carcinoma. As the only two females in the family, Katie and her mom were especially close and as the youngest of 3 boys, missed no opportunity in developing a close mother-daughter bond. In 2013, when Katie was 11 years old, her mom passed away. Naturally she stepped up as the woman of the house and believed losing her mom gave her the ability to empathize with and care for others. Through her experiences, Katie developed a passion for helping others that are hurting and now hopes to become a Nurse to help patients and families like her own. Katie is pursuing a degree in Nursing at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri


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Lily is from Derby, Kansas and is a graduate of Derby High School. She lost her father to a brain cancer called Glioblastoma shortly after beginning her senior year of high school.  His diagnosis came as a surprise to the family but Lily believes it helped her family grow closer and has helped her grow into a stronger individual. Lily discovered she had a love for kids and teaching through her experiences babysitting. She aspires to follow in her mother's footsteps and has decided to pursue a degree in education at Kansas State University. While she continues to learn and grow and receive joy from interacting with kids, she will always remember her dad as the person that taught her to drive, how to play basketball, work hard, not quit, how to be kind, understanding and passionate and that is what she hopes to provide her students with in the future.  


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